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Waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge
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  1. Path of Totality
    Path of totality. It certainly has a ring to it. And for weeks leading up to August 21, 2017, the Pacific Northwest was titillated by the prospect. A full solar eclipse across the continental U.S. Darkness at midday in a narrow swathe from coast to coast. It was to be the event of a lifetime, billed and sold as even more. In Oregon, cities and towns were abuzz, and the eclipse became an industry unto itself. Displays of chincy cardboard sunglasses with extra dark lenses popped up in grocery
  2. A Cold November Day
    Much of my published work so far has been photo-centric. Stories though, are as important to me as the images I love to capture. So, this past year, I've been hard at work writing up a few of my more memorable adventures to include in a book that will be titled Fierce River and Other Wild Adventures. The following is an excerpt. It's the story of one of my favorite trips down a creek that was up until then, largely unknown. While I have countless memories on this precious stream now, the
  3. Metlako ~ Goddess of Salmon
    Did you know that Metlako Falls, the first major waterfall on Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge was named in 1915 by the Mazamas, and it means "Goddess of Salmon." That year they were putting the final touches on the Columbia River Highway, and working on the new trail up Eagle Creek. The hopes were that the new road would achieve worldwide fame, and attract nature lovers far and wide. The Mazamas' naming campaign sought to celebrate the landscape by assigning Chinook Jargon (the language of the
  4. Whitehorse Creek
    The Olympic Peninsula has some wild and wonderful canyons. It's a dramatic landscape where snowy peaks and gem-like lakes sit high above lush valleys. Two distinct worlds, alpine wonderlands and mossy rainforests, can be enjoyed in a single day here. And perhaps nowhere is this easier than Whitehorse Creek.  Though a 3 1/2 hour drive from Portland, this creek is well worth the trip. Anyone who loves a lot of waterfall action, and is not opposed to some strenuous hiking to access it, will be